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  • ID: 5850
  • Subdistrict: Hamovniki
  • Floor: 5
  • Total area: 86 m2
29 000 000 R.

  • ID: 7117
  • Subdistrict: Frunzenskaya area
  • Floor: 3
  • Total area: 95 m2
65 712 150 R.

  • ID: 5494
  • Subdistrict: Hamovniki
  • Floor: 10
  • Total area: 216 m2
142 852 500 R.

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Received its name because of its proximity to a large sports facility - the Luzhniki complex, the Sportivnaya station lies between two "colleagues", "Frunzenskaya" and "Vorobyevy Gory". The situation in the Central Administrative District makes it possible to attribute it to such a fashionable district of the capital as Khamovniki, known for its abundance of modern high-quality buildings. In recent years, the apartments on Sports Steel have been actively offered in such projects as: LCD "Aparthotel Nikolaevsky"; LCD "Luzhniki House"; LCD Knightsbridge Private Park; LCD "Sport House". This high-quality housing, class "business" and "luxury" meets the highest standards and standards of comfort and prestige. The high status of such Moscow houses is determined by a large amount of benefits, which are lower. Apartments near metro Sportivnaya. Features and advantages Good quality of construction. The use of premium finishing and building materials, as well as original authorial projects for the construction of new LCDs in the capital has already become a standard. Not an exception to the rules and LC, which offer apartments on the Sports. The latest technologies and modern engineering systems make it possible to create not only presentable facade parts of these buildings, but also to improve comfort conditions, making the life of the owners of this property free from problems and difficulties of everyday nature. The use of monolithic-frame technology in the construction of apartments at Metro Sportiva opens before their owners the prospect of solving space in a free, functionally zoned type. The lack of new LCD interior partitions allows you to realize an apartment in the form of a studio, in which it is easy to apply original lighting solutions, themed furniture, accessories. High ecological component of the area. Owners of an apartment on Sportive really can boast that they live in good in terms of environmental safety conditions. It is provided by proximity to the area of ​​such forest park areas of the capital as the park and gardens of the Moscow State University, Neskuchny Garden, Museon Park, Maiden Square. Considerable contribution to a good ecological situation is also from the Moscow-river winds. High concentration of household objects. The infrastructure of the streets of Dovator, Usachev, the 10th Anniversary of October and adjacent alleys makes simple the solution of everyday household problems for the owner of an apartment on Sportivnaya. Here function: the shops; Restaurants; Schools; Polyclinics; Service life and the mass of sports facilities. The presence of the latter is due to the immediate proximity of such a major Moscow sports project as Luzhniki. The area "Sportivnoy" is famous for the abundance of large green areas, including parks and squares, gardens of Vorobyovy Gory. They have long been chosen by residents of new LCDs in this part of the capital and have become a permanent place for their outdoor walks. Talking about the infrastructure facilities that can be used by the owners or tenants of apartments in the Metro Sportivnaya metro station, it is worth mentioning the presence of household objects in the structures of the ZhK. As a rule, these are household services in the form of dry cleaning and laundry facilities, shops, bathing complexes, children's play and training centers, small clinics, swimming pools and fitness rooms. Good transport accessibility. The proximity of the major highways allows the owners of the apartment on Sportivnaya to quickly and easily travel from here to the center of the capital, as well as to other areas and in the Moscow region. Elite apartments on Sportivnaya. High quality of life The advantages that so generously endowed with new apartments on Sporting determine the high status of this housing. Its owner or tenant also automatically raises his social position. Accommodation in the new LCD at Metro Sportivaya opens a unique chance to get acquainted with socially prosperous, wealthy, famous people. Neighborhood with them guarantees a balanced atmosphere and opens up opportunities for the establishment of new, promising acquaintances. The high quality of construction and the constant growth of such property in the price make the elite apartments near Metro Sportive a good option for an investment that will be insured for many years from the negative impact of the economic crisis. Our agency has repeatedly noted the interest in housing in the area of ​​Sportive from the wealthy tenants, who need an apartment in Moscow for a short period of time. This interest opens up the possibility for a permanent and stable earning on the rent. We are glad to provide qualified information and legal support for all those who are interested in concluding real estate transactions in the Sportivnaya metro area. Our experience and our own database of apartments in this area will help to avoid the development of legal conflicts, gray schemes, and will save you from the long and inconclusive selection of such housing.

100 м2     Rooms: 4

62 855 100 R.
Dom u Zachatievskogo Monastyrya

63 м2     Rooms: 2

97 139 700 R.

136 м2     Rooms: 3

6 285 510 000 R.

180 м2     Rooms: 4

170 851 590 R.

157 м2     Rooms: 4

131 424 300 R.

68 м2     Rooms: 2

68 569 200 R.

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