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Luxury apartments for sale at metro Kitay-Gorod

In this section there are ads for the sale of apartments near the metro Kitay-Gorod. The range of submitted offers is distinguished by a large selection of different types of apartments, ranging from economy-class housing to elite facilities that have all the necessary conditions for comfortable living. Below are the proposals for the sale of apartments in the municipal area "Basmanny" of the Central Administrative District: apartments on Varvarka, apartments near Novaya and Old Square, on Lubyansky Prospekt. All the characteristics of the apartments for sale near the metro station Kitai-Gorod, including the location of the apartment, its type, cost and other parameters, are necessarily indicated in the ad text so that those who wish to purchase an apartment can easily navigate. The database on the sale of apartments near the metro Kitay-gorod is constantly updated. China-city is the station of the Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya and Kaluga-Riga metro lines located in the China-City (Tver) district of the Central Administrative District. From the metro station follows land transport: Buses - 158, K, 12ts; Trolleybuses - 2, 12, 25, 33, 45, 63. China-City is a tourist and business center of the capital, there are no large enterprises, so the area is excellent ecology. But many offices of the largest not only Russian, but also international corporations, as well as banks are concentrated. This is the historical part of Moscow, which is a unique zone of historical, architectural and cultural value. Here is a lot of monuments and interesting architectural objects - this is the Chinese Wall, the construction of which dates back to the 16th century; Monument to the Grenadiers - heroes of Plevna; The Church of St. Nicholas in Clennica; Seating yard; Zaikonospassky, Nikolo-Greek, Bogoyavlensky, Znamensky monasteries; The church of the Prophet Elijah, St. Barbara, Anna that is in the corner, Nikola Krasnov Zvon, Maxim the Confessor; Kazan Cathedral, Cathedral of the Znamensky Monastery, etc. Buying an apartment in this historic center of the capital is an element of prestige. Such a high status of residential properties in this area were not only due to the proximity to the Kremlin and the numerous cathedrals and churches that adorn the center of the capital, but also due to the developed infrastructure and accessibility to the main transport hubs. These advantages create a high level of demand for ads for the sale of apartments in the area.
  • ID: 5130
  • Subdistrict: Lubyanka, Kitay - Gorod, Chistye Ponds area
  • Floor: 5
  • Total area: 118,3 m2
57 620 000 R.

  • ID: 6793
  • Subdistrict: Lubyanka, Kitay - Gorod, Chistye Ponds area
  • Floor: 2
  • Total area: 182,6 m2
79 000 000 R.

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ZhK Italiyanskiy Kvartal

146 м2     Rooms: 4

68 500 000 R.

185 м2     Rooms: 4

74 617 900 R.
ZHK "Andreevskiy"

171 м2     Rooms: 4

178 622 000 R.
Volotskie Doma

96 м2     Rooms: 3

57 620 000 R.
ZHK Sozvezdie Kapital

138 м2     Rooms: 4

74 906 000 R.

189 м2     Rooms: 5

115 000 000 R.

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