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Luxury apartments for sale at metro Borovitskaya

Below is a proposal for the sale of apartments near metro Borovitskaya. Detailed information about the characteristics of the facilities, prices and how to buy an apartment near the metro station Borovitskaya you can learn by phone +7(495) 626-8444.

  • ID: 6457
  • Subdistrict: Arbat - Kropotkinskaya area
  • Floor: 6
  • Total area: 310 m2
119 980 000 R.

  • ID: 6458
  • Subdistrict: Arbat - Kropotkinskaya area
  • Floor: 6
  • Total area: 160 m2
173 971 000 R.

  • ID: 6278
  • Subdistrict: Arbat - Kropotkinskaya area
  • Floor: 6
  • Total area: 226,7 m2
227 962 000 R.

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Borovitskaya, opened in 1986, is located on the Serpukhovskaya-Timiryazevskaya line of the Moscow metro and is a transfer line to the Arbat-Pokrovskaya and Sokolniki lines. The construction of the station is associated with a mysterious find of a red brick building from the 16th century at a depth of 5-6 meters. The find was made metrostroevtsami in 1985 and was explained by scientists as a result of a natural cataclysm resulting in which the home ownership went underground, and for so many centuries, perfectly preserved furniture and utensils. Borovitskaya adjoins the stations: "Polyanka", "The Lenin Library" «Chekhovskaya». The location of the station in the Central Administrative District of Moscow determines the fashionability of the adjacent areas. Live here is fashionable, prestigious, although expensive. But for those who allow themselves to buy an apartment on Borovitskaya the concept of "expensive" is quite stretchable. On the adjacent to Arbat, Vozdvizhenka, Znamenka and their alleyways, ambitious projects have grown: LCD Philipovskiy per., 8; LCD "Residence Znamenka"; Zhnamenskiye Chamber of Commerce; LCD «Cook Street., Ow. 8". The houses have a luxurious appearance, attractive design and a high level of comfort in the apartments. Prestigious area is added to the nearby Patriarchal Ponds, which are a favorite place for walking Muscovites and the architectural ensemble of the Moscow Kremlin with multiple historical sights. Apartments near the metro Borovitskaya. Features and advantages The sign and historical value of the building area. Immediate proximity to the historical center of the capital determines the impossibility of realizing multi-storey buildings. Modern apartments near the metro Borovitskaya are built in chamber, low-rise projects. Small flatography defines a balanced neighborhood, and proximity to such attractions as the Kremlin, the Bolshoi Theater, Arbat and to other equally significant places makes the acquisition or lease at Borovitskaya a very prestigious enterprise. Application of modern systems of engineering. Premium life support systems are actively used by builders not only in the structures of new LCDs at Borovitskaya. They are actively used and at the time of restoration of the old housing stock, thereby improving its prestige, status and living conditions. Individual heat points, ventilation and air conditioning, fire fighting and safety systems. This is only a small list of those technological solutions that help create unique living conditions in a quiet, patriarchal Moscow center. The presence of underground parking in the structure of houses is appreciated by their tenants, because it allows to solve the problem of safe and legal parking qualitatively. Saturation with infrastructural objects. In addition to a variety of historical, architectural attractions, theaters and museums, the Borovitskaya district has always been famous for the abundance of infrastructure facilities, with whose help simply solve everyday pressing problems. Here are located: the shops; Polyclinics; Institutes; Schools; Gymnasium; Sports clubs; Service. Often, in new homes that have grown up in this part of Moscow already exist and their own infrastructure facilities. As a rule, these are life services that make life easier for tenants, bath complexes, swimming pools, dental offices, creative centers for children. Elite apartments on Borovitskaya. High quality of life The sum of numerous advantages and features that the apartments in Borovitskaya enjoy make them prestigious and fashionable real estate. Many Muscovites and residents of other Russian regions want to live here. The high status of the new LCD makes them popular among those who, due to their professional duties and lifestyle, have to live in Moscow for a while. As a rule, they are free artists, creative personalities, celebrities from the world of sports and culture, cinema and art, wealthy businessmen, highly paid expats, top managers working for transcontinental corporations. They are not accustomed to deny themselves comfort and convenience and therefore show a high interest in renting elite apartments in Borovitskaya metro area. Life next to such people will open new prospects for business and pleasant acquaintances, and also will present a balanced, socially calm atmosphere. Our agency is ready to support rental deals with this Moscow real estate, helping the owners of the apartment to pay it off, and tenants quickly and simply finish their searches. The statistics show that the apartments in Borovitskaya will continue to be a great investment for many decades, preserving a substantial financial sum from the influence of unfavorable economic factors.
ZHK Fusion Park

138 м2     Rooms: 3

107 982 000 R.

111 м2     Rooms: 2

131 978 000 R.
ZHK "Andreevskiy"

171 м2     Rooms: 4

185 969 000 R.

157 м2     Rooms: 4

137 977 000 R.
Volotskie Doma

96 м2     Rooms: 3

59 990 000 R.

120 м2     Rooms: 4

50 691 550 R.

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