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Delight Realty has been operating on the real estate market since May 1993. We offer a full range of services connected with apartment rental and sale in Moscow. 

Initially, all client support, property management and relocation services were performed by the company Delight Realty.

Later, during a management system optimization in 2005, the Property Management and Relocation departments became subsidiary companies Delight Property and Delight Relocation, and the visa support services were delegated to the company Visa-Delight.

Delight Realty has retained its real estate agent functions; it communicates with private investors and estate developers, and invests in the field of construction business.

As of today, the corporate group DELIGHT is operating in the following areas of business:

• Purchase and sale of residential properties; 

• Sale of apartments in housing developments. We work with such leading developers as RESTAVRACIA N, Hals Development, Barkli, KR Properties, Rubin Realty, Vesper, AFI Development, Avgur Estate etc.

• Rental and management of residential properties

• Relocation

• Rental, purchase and sale of commercial properties

Apartments in elite buildings can be compared to artworks — they have a unique location, architecture, environment and design. Over many years of work, we have formed a close-knit, experienced and uniquely competent team for working with this type of real estate.

Currently, the company staff comprises over 80 employees. Our heads of departments, lead managers and analysts have worked over 15-20 years on the realty market, and they are acknowledged experts in the field.

Among the clients of Delight Realty are the largest Russian and international companies such as:


• AIG Russia

• Accenture Pls.

• AMRO Bank

• Auchan

• Baker Hughes

• Clifford Chance

• CRIF Decision

• Solutions SpA

• DaimlerChrysler Automotive

• Danone

• Deutsche Bank

• Eli Lilly Vostok S. A.

• SeverEnergia

• Ericsson

• Halliburton

• B.A.T. Russia Limited

• Total

• Citibank

• Credit Suisse

• Lukoil Overseas

• Nestle Food LLC

• Novartis Pharma Services

• PricewaterhouseCoopers

• Philip Morris International

• Renaissance Capital

• Reemstma

• Shell

• Salym Petroleum

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