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Myasnitskaya str. 24/7

Total area: 332 м2    Rooms: 4

1 146 780 R.

Exclusive penthouse with 5 meter high ceilings located at prestigious area of Chistye Prudy. The apartment is very light and has a lot of panoramic windows with excellent view to the city!

Apartments sale
Aviatsionnaya, 79

Total area: 560 м2    Rooms: 10

269 493 300 R.

Apartments sale
Molochny 1

Total area: 440 м2    Rooms: 6

401 373 000 R.

Delight Group

INTERESTING FACTS FROM THE HISTORY OF THE ELITE MOSCOW REAL ESTATE Initially, it was believed that the capital's elite real estate includes apartments in houses built on individual projects in the center and in the prestigious districts of the capital after 1995. However, if you dig deeper, this concept applies to apartments in business class houses, and even in renovated old buildings. The official classification of this housing does not exist. Market participants, buyers and sellers proceed from their ideas about the criteria for VIP housing. Similar assumptions arise, probably because many elite real estate agencies in Moscow offer the whole range of apartments in prestigious areas: from ancient to modern complexes. But, there is a criterion by which it is always possible to separate "the grain from the chaff". As you probably already guessed, this is the price. The market of status housing in Moscow has developed in our time in such a way that in the case of the sale or lease of an apartment in an elite house of old construction, its cost will be twice as high. CHOOSE THE BEST LOCATIONS FOR LIFE TOGETHER WITH DELIGHT REALTY! Delight Realty began its successful career in the Moscow real estate market in May 1993. At that time, the main activity of the company was rent of housing stock. For lack of new high-quality houses, those who were built in the center of the capital in the late 70s and 80s of the last century were called elite, and were intended for the Soviet nomenclature. They were built of light brick, and the general characteristic of such a dwelling was the increased footage of the premises. Prices for quality real estate ranged from 1500 to 4000 dollars. So, a good two-room apartment was estimated at 1500 US dollars per month, and three or four rooms in the range of 3000-4000. The end of the 90's can be commemorated as a new era in the construction of Moscow real estate. After all, it was during this period that the Moscow developers presented the first houses of the modern level on the market. Since then, several hundred new elites have appeared in the capital. And even more business-class houses built in the center and located near it in ecologically clean areas, which by area and level of security differ little from housing with high status. It is the sale of real estate in the houses of this category and has become the second line of activity of the agency Delight Realty. The capital is changing, the country is changing. But no matter what metamorphosis has occurred recently in the economy, the elite housing market in the capital demonstrates enviable stability. Apartments in prestigious homes are still a reliable investment in the short and long term. If you compare prices for metropolitan square meters with other major European and American cities, you can see their significant potential for growth. Elite real estate in Moscow is still interesting to buyers. And not the last reason for the enduring popularity is the change in the conditions of the capital's life for the better. It becomes more comfortable. The capital authorities are solving the transport collapse. The number of pedestrian zones is increasing. With the change of fleet the air becomes cleaner and the ecology of the region as a whole improves. The cultural life of the Russian capital is one of the most intense in Europe. And the charisma of Moscow and its history, which preserves the memory of great people - from Pushkin to Chekhov, from Tsvetaeva to Tarkovsky, make this city even more attractive. The high activity of the real estate market speaks about changes for the better or, at least, about the confidence of the metropolitan residents in the future of our economy. The unique base of the capital property from Delight Realty Premium Moscow houses can be compared to works of art - they are unique in location, architecture, environment, design and interior. Many years of experience with such facilities allowed Delight Realty to assemble one of the best real estate bases in Moscow. Due to constant interaction with customers, the official website of the agency presents the most current information. Constant contacts with apartment owners help to quickly react and display in the database any price change. The catalog of housing offers is constantly updated and replenished thanks to the system for checking the uniqueness of ads. In addition, having the largest rental department in the city, Delight Realty monthly sells dozens of apartments for sale, which can then be used both for living and as a tool for rental business. Rental of housing from the agency of elite real estate Delight Realty Operations with status capital housing have several features: Not all options are openly presented on the Internet, print media, outdoor advertising, in the catalogs of the Moscow real estate agencies. Some property owners, wishing to rent or sell their property, prefer privacy. Owners of premium housing in the capital are turning to well-established agencies with the request to offer their apartment only directly