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ZHK Sparrow Hills - Str. Mosphilmovskaya, d. 70

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Apartment sale in this house:

ID Area Rooms Floor Price
6763 140 m2 3 34 91 915 500 р.
5437 186 m2 4 37 278 916 000 р.
7014 194 m2 5 2 101 424 000 р.
5225 218 m2 4 2 120 441 000 р.
6582 133 m2 4 30 65 000 000 р.
6154 218 m2 5 27 190 170 000 р.
6675 104 m2 3 14 65 291 700 р.

Apartment rent in this house:

ID Area Rooms Floor Price
24069 144 m2 3 28 160 000 р. more
23875 245 m2 5 16 450 000 р. more
20561 140 m2 3 14 230 000 р. more
24084 400 m2 7 20 490 000 р. more
Due to the low degree of development in Ramenky area, as well as the absence in it of production facilities and the proximity of the forest park zones and the University of Victory Park, ZHK Sparrow Hills managed to build in an environmentally safe area. This is an important advantage, thanks to which the buy or rent apartments in it wish many Muscovites and people coming to the capital for work necessary for the long term.

Life in the ZHK Vorobyovy Gory practically flows in the lap of nature. Suffice it to mention such items as natural reserve Sparrow Hills, Mosfilmofsky pond floodplain Setun and Ramenky, as well as an abundance of parks and cozy squares, to evaluate the environmental health area.

The complex, built in the form of three modern 42-storey towers has an extensive kvartirografiey 1040 projects. These areas are in the range from 60 to 250 square meters. Its upper floors are luxury penthouses with panoramic windows, with views of the capital.

The official website for ZHK Sparrow Hills and prices

The potential buyer apartments in ZHK Sparrow Hills fails to operate only relevant information, thanks to well-coordinated work of our site that is specifically created for effective and quality always search the Moscow-class "elite" of real estate. Official website publishes property offers options of this type, have different characteristics. Information is always reliable and relevant transactions are accompanied by qualified legal support from experienced specialists of our agency. Ongoing analysis in the residential sales market Sparrow Hills, as well as in the equivalent of the complex allows it to operate with the best options for their selection. Contact our experts if you have difficulty in choosing an apartment in the same or an equivalent to it the Moscow real estate.

We quickly pick up options for those who wish to rent an apartment in ZHK Vorobyovy Gory.

ZHK Sparrow Hills - the area infrastructure and technical data at home

The ZHK Vorobyovy Gory successfully operate their own various infrastructural facilities. Among them, a large shopping center, whose area exceeds 30 thousand square meters, as well as the business area of ​​15 thousand "squares." Fans of a healthy lifestyle will appreciate the possibility of "FizKult" new sports project. Spend an evening in the refined restaurant. Ladies have to taste the work of beauty.

The proximity to the capital's iconic objects opens up the possibility of its residents to use the infrastructure facilities the center of Moscow. As befits such a level complexes, here successfully operate modern life-support systems. Among them, telecommunications and fire protection, automated engineering systems, its own transformer station and heating unit. Their work ensures operational service complex. High-speed elevators in the towers have a unique design. Finishing public areas characterized by using natural materials.

The ZHK Vorobyovy Gory undeveloped surrounding area, on it to apply the principles of landscape design, arranged parks, and children's play areas, all necessary conditions for full-fledged outdoor activities. Our official website published a photo location within the complex, so that potential buyers and tenants had the opportunity to appreciate her appearance.

ZHK Sparrow Hills will be for you not only a good option to improve the quality of life in the capital, but also give an opportunity to profitably invest their own finances in a project that will never be cheaper.


  • ID: 5822
  • Subdistrict: Ramenki / m. Park-pobedy
  • Building type: VIP
  • Floors: 47
  • Quantity flats: 1040
  • Areas of apartments: from 60 to 250
  • Quantity of places for cars: 0
  • Protection: 24 hour
  • Parking: Underground


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