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ZHK Vienna House - 1st Neopalimovskiy lane 8.

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Apartment sale in this house:

ID Area Rooms Floor Price
6352 274 m2 4 2 203 694 000 R.
6988 151,5 m2 3 5 107 838 000 R.
7161 250 m2 4 11 389 415 000 R.
6332 132 m2 3 2 140 788 500 R.
5237 162 m2 4 6 113 229 900 R.

Apartment rent in this house:

ID Area Rooms Floor Price
24247 165 m2 3 5 600 000 R. more
In the central part of the quarter, which lies between the Smolensk Boulevard and Balashikha, up ZHK Vienna House . This elite Moscow housing is very popular in certain circles of the Russian society. Such popularity is determined by the possibility of buying an apartment in the central part of the capital in an atmosphere of peace, social well-being and the absence of the city.

The luxurious look of ZHK Vienna House helped to easily fit it into the overall architectural ensemble Neopalimovskiy alley. Our official website published a photo of a building facade, decision in two cases. They are connected between themselves underground parking and a common landscaped courtyard.

Enclosures have variable from 5 to 11 levels of floors and offers apartments with very different price and metrazhnostyu. Each has a ceiling height of 3.4 meters and has a free, functional layout. The latter quality makes it easy to realize the dream of an individually designed interior solutions. ZHK Vienna House is conveniently exits. Enter its territory can be either directly from the lane, and with domestic travel.

The project is distinguished by the use of external and internal decoration of sound, exclusive materials as marble, granite, valuable wood and Venetian plaster. Thanks to them, building an ZHK Vienna House is a luxury, status view. They differ and public areas of the two buildings.

The official website for ZHK Vienna House and its price

Search apartment in this and other, equally important complexes of the central part of the capital is much easier thanks to the functioning of our site. Official Website of the residential complex will provide current, a variety of information about real estate sales offers in Moscow.

Professional realtors of our agency are ready to choose the option of apartment that meets individual customer needs and competently accompany the transaction. With our help, easy to choose housing for improving the quality of their own life in the capital, and for your investment. Not lost interest to the tenants of such properties makes it possible to have a steady income by renting it for rent.

ZHK Vienna House - district infrastructure and technical data of the complex

Mass of infrastructure facilities of the central part of the capital is one of the many attractions for those wishing to purchase an apartment in the residential house of Vienna. Hardly on the city map can be found anywhere else such a concentration of the iconic, historic sites, as well as shops, restaurants, banks, educational and medical institutions, salons and sports clubs. With their variety can be found on the area map, which published our official website.

The design of the complex is a reinforced concrete frame with outer brick walls, insulation and plaster layer. The facade of the ZHK Vienna House , basement, stairwells, hallways and lobbies are decorated with granite, mosaics, wrought iron accessories and plasters. Chic design options offer repair and apartments, offered for implementation in this complex.

Residents of its buildings have already appreciated the functionality and continuity of the modern life-support structure. It includes the heating system with adjustable temperature apartments, fiber optic communications, cable TV, fire protection systems, ventilation and central air conditioning. The water from the artesian well is cleaned at the individual filtration point, and monitor the work of each of the apartments systems, you can use the remote control.

Today you have the opportunity to a decent choice in this complex, standing in a quiet center of Moscow and guaranteeing excellent accommodation in one of its luxury apartments.


  • ID: 135
  • Subdistrict: Hamovniki / m. Smolenskaya
  • Building type: VIP
  • Floors: 13
  • Quantity flats: 65
  • Areas of apartments: from 94 to 260
  • Quantity of places for cars: 0
  • Protection:
  • Parking: Underground
ZHK"Venskiy Dom"

area: 94 m2 - 260 m2

from $10 400 / m2
ZHK "Andreevskiy"

area: 70 m2 - 425 m2

from $15 000 / m2
ZHK"Fusion Park"

area: 100 m2 - 215 m2

from $13 000 / m2

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