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ZHK Falcon's Nest - Leningradsky Prospect, 76, Bldg.. 1

ZHK Sokolinoe Gnezdo фото 2 ZHK Sokolinoe Gnezdo фото 3 ZHK Sokolinoe Gnezdo фото 4
ZHK Sokolinoe Gnezdo фото 5 ZHK Sokolinoe Gnezdo фото 6 ZHK Sokolinoe Gnezdo фото 7

Apartment rent in this house:

ID Area Rooms Floor Price
23969 137 m2 4 10 175 000 R. more
23616 90 m2 2 11 98 000 R. more
11608 140 m2 4 23 294 665 R. more
ZHK Falcon's Nest on the right has its proud name. As the first set of Moscow "premium" in the modern history of the city, a house built in the immediate vicinity of the "Sokol" metro station. That's why he wears his sonorous and rather unusual for a city name. House project implemented authoritative Moscow the builder, on whose account of more than a dozen of these complexes. We are talking about the company "Don Story."

A total of 18 floors in the Falcon's Nest ZHK implemented 111 apartments . These areas are in the range from 100 to 260 squares. Each of these projects settled in a free lay-out, which allows to realize their dream of a design repair and use of internal space apartment with maximum functionality. The advantage can be written and high ceilings. They range from 3.4 to 3.7 meters.

Towers complex have a variable number of storeys from 26 to 18 floors. In such a large drop builders went specifically, giving owners of penthouses in the upper floors without any problems and obstacles to enjoy Moscow views from the panoramic windows.

The official website for ZHK Falcon's Nest and prices

The agency offers comprehensive expert assistance in the selection of apartments in ZHK Falcon's Nest . We help not only to buy but also to sell. Competent approach, its own work and algorithms, manipulation of data from an extensive database, as well as a desire to help the buyer or seller is advantageous to choose the purchase and sale of options allows us to proudly bear the name of a reputable real estate agency in Moscow. Trust us and we will justify your trust.

Provided the property data in ZHK Falcon's Nest is always relevant and complete. Apartments are described in a variety of specifications. Official Website , and be sure to indicate such an important parameter as the price or highest bid.

We help prospective tenants wishing to rent an apartment in this modern building in Moscow. Property lease transfer operation will take place with full legal support and registration of necessary documents.

ZHK Falcon's Nest - district infrastructure and technical data at home

Infrastructure in the ZHK Falcon's Nest is notable for its development. In the structure of the house successfully operate a beauty salon, a restaurant, a private gym. Do the residents of the complex have the opportunity to use the services of a modern medical center. Own infrastructure, and home is complemented by the development of the area in which it is built. Leningradsky Prospekt enables the use of services and features restaurants and shops, museums and community services, medical and educational institutions.

To sum merits ZHK Falcon's Nest is added and its accessibility. Due to the closeness of Volokolamsk and Leningrad highway to get here just like in other parts of the capital and the region, and in the center of Moscow. The surrounding area of ​​the complex undeveloped. She applied the principles of landscape design, whose incarnation you can appreciate in the photo, which published our official website. In areas near the complex are decorated with flowerbeds and lawns, organized children's camps, using modern artificial lighting.

The desire to buy an apartment in ZHK Falcon's Nest will not only qualitatively improve the conditions of your stay in the capital, but also to give the chance to profitably invest their own funds. You can then take this housing to extract a steady income. In good economic circumstances, this apartment will be sold and at a good profit.


  • ID: 5406
  • Subdistrict: Dinamo-Aeroport / m. Sokol
  • Building type: VIP
  • Floors: 18
  • Quantity flats: 111
  • Areas of apartments: from 100 to 260
  • Quantity of places for cars: 0
  • Protection: 24 hour
  • Parking: Underground
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