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ZHK Smolenskaya Zastava - Gun Pereulok 3.

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Apartment sale in this house:

ID Area Rooms Floor Price
6534 123 m2 3 4 119 220 900 R.
5230 235 m2 5 9 149 775 000 R.

Apartment rent in this house:

ID Area Rooms Floor Price
24056 83 m2 3 4 250 000 R. more
24368 116 m2 3 5 200 000 R. more
ZHK Smolenskaya Zastava entering the hundred most prestigious complexes in Moscow, built in a unique metropolitan area. This so-called quiet center featuring its intimate, low-rise buildings, the proximity to the main architectural and historical places of the city. There is always cozy, quiet and calm. Kudos to the area and the opportunity to live in an atmosphere devoid of the influence of stress and trouble attracting those wishing to buy apartments in the residential Smolenskaya Zastava .

Different transport accessibility, this complex at the same time boasts a quiet and calm traffic. A distance from the high-rise buildings of buildings is a unique opportunity for the insolation apartments. By the way, the windows of all the projects in the building offers panoramic views over the historic streets of the capital such as Plyushchikha and Garden Ring. The complex is designed in nine different levels of sections. It provides a two-storey underground car park. In front of the building applied loggias and balconies, which are glazed. The apartment windows are made of high quality wood windows.

According to the meter apartments range from 55 to 325 square meters. The upper floors of the building are reserved for apartments, different viewports panoramas of the Kremlin and historical attractions of the capital.

Over the years unabated interest in the property and the tenants. Want to stay here a lot of apartments and our official site will be a good assistant in this case.

The official website for ZHK Smolenskaya Zastava and prices

With our resource purchase procedure apartment in Smolenskaya Zastava ZHK will be greatly simplified and the accompanying competent legal advice. We will help you to safely pass this apartment for rent, properly filling out the necessary documents and eliminating the need to separate from the owner of the tenant search.

Rich practical experience and extensive database of objects of elite real estate capital can quickly choose a suitable option for you that meets the demands and needs of the client. In this proposal can be considered equivalent to and complexes. ZHK Smolenskaya Zastava is not the only project in which we have successfully implemented a quality property.

ZHK Smolenskaya Zastava - district infrastructure and technical data at home

The infrastructure of the ZHK Smolenskaya Zastava includes a two-level parking and guest parking. Using them effectively solved the problem of parking. For the safety of the tenants of any apartment in the luxurious modern house meets authoritative security agency whose employees are disabled monitoring of the adjacent territory of the complex. By the way, it is landscaped and has areas for children to play and rest. Our official website has posted its colorful photos.

In close proximity to the ZHK Smolenskaya Zastava located a dental clinic, a kindergarten and a bank branch. If you talk about other infrastructural facilities area, it is worth to mention the numerous museums, theaters, clinics, shops, boutiques, pastry shops, subway stations, churches, banks and restaurants. Perhaps in no other part of the city there is no fullness of infrastructure facilities in the area. The living quarters are equipped with bimetallic radiators heating and temperature control in each room, dedicated internet line, a pair of telephone, central air-conditioning and satellite TV. The current system of supply and vytyazhoy ventilation, water treatment and power management. Behind all this diversity of modern engineering complex life support systems follow their own operational service.

Having to stay or buy an apartment in this house, you can not just qualitatively improve their own living conditions in the capital. Owners of square meters of raise their social status among a certain circle of members of the Russian society and because of the free functional floor plan implemented most daring design ideas.


  • ID: 4794
  • Subdistrict: Hamovniki / m. Smolenskaya
  • Building type: VIP
  • Floors: 16
  • Quantity flats: 252
  • Areas of apartments: from 56 to 326
  • Quantity of places for cars: 0
  • Protection: 24 hour
  • Parking: Underground
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