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ZHK Roman House - 2nd Cossack Lane, 4, p 1.

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Apartment sale in this house:

ID Area Rooms Floor Price
5211 263 m2 5 4 233 855 440 R.
6840 281,2 m2 5 3 208 799 500 R.
This modern apartment complex solutions in a warm and full of elegance Italian style, grew up in one of the quietest and most luxurious alleys of Moscow. Residents ZHK Roman House have the unique opportunity to live in the city center and still not experience difficulties and stress so typical of the inhabitants of the metropolis. The atmosphere of peace and tranquility in the Second Cossack Lane attracts many wishing buy apartments in this house.

Classic outline ZHK Roman House favorably combined with modern technical and engineering solutions. Front staircases, halls and lobbies, as well as entrance luxuries different finishes and wealth. Apartments at the disposal of the house status addressed in free functional layout. Their footage varies from 120 to 430 "squares". A total of 34 in the project and they are placed on seven floors. Small and peaceful social kvartirografiya neighborhood, certain high status of the complex, it attracts attention and wanting to rent a house here.

The ceiling height in each of the proposals from the ZHK Roman House published on our official website , is 3.2 meters. Features of the complex was the presence of chimneys in the top floor apartment. This technical detail allows you to build your own fireplace in the urban setting. All apartments are presented today for sale in this project are endowed with panoramic views from the window. Balconies, stained glass, grand staircase, bay windows, the original variable number of storeys and the splendor of the architectural ensemble of entrance to attract the attention of a potential buyer.

The official website for ZHK Roman House and his price

Lack of organizational problems and competent legal support of transactions with the elite real estate in Moscow. That's what created our agency. His official website allows potential buyers of real estate in the capital to be aware of the dynamics of the proposals of the best items on the market.

The information provided is always fresh and relevant. Apartments offered for sale or lease, are presented with multiple characteristics, including price. Our experience and expertise, a large database and colorful catalog will help to quickly find the right on-demand version of such housing and correctly arrange the whole package of documents required for the transaction. If you wish, we will assist and sell an apartment in this or equivalent complexes.

ZHK Roman House - district infrastructure and technical data object

Apartments complex are equipped with the best telecommunication and engineering systems. The ensemble of buildings provides uninterrupted power supply to the work of air conditioning and ventilation, fiber optic, satellite and cable television. The problem of environmental and health aspects of conditions of potable water is solved with the help of individual filter item.

The infrastructure of the complex operates a smoking room. Located in the central part, it is in a position to negotiate business or private place. Surrounding area undeveloped best landscape designers of the capital. Our official website published a photo of her.

Safety of life and property of property owners in the ZHK Roman House to ensure smooth functioning multi-level security system. Access control system and CCTV eliminate the risks of penetration of third parties in the fenced area of ​​the complex. Parking problem is solved with the help of an extensive underground parking.

The sum of the advantages of this luxury Moscow mansion makes the purchase of apartments in it profitable and prestigious offer. By adopting it, you will find not only a new position in society, but also will save a substantial financial amount of the negative impact of the financial crisis.


  • ID: 3669
  • Subdistrict: Yakimanka / m. Polyanka
  • Building type: VIP
  • Floors: 8
  • Quantity flats: 39
  • Areas of apartments: from 120 to 280
  • Quantity of places for cars: 0
  • Protection: 24 hour
  • Parking: Underground
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