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ZHK Quarter at Patriarch - Grand Palashevsky Pereulok, 1/14, p 1..

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The reconstructed historical mansion in the Big Palashevsky Lane attracted the attention of both the tenants of elite real estate in Moscow, as well as those wishing to stay in an atmosphere of calm and dignified social neighborhood. Buy apartment are eager and because of high housing status. Despite all the economic vicissitudes of its value continues to increase, making this property a good investment option.

Apartments with footage from 86 to 204 square meters are located on five floors of the building. A total of 16.

Built in the immediate vicinity of the iconic historical and architectural monuments, ZHK Quarter at Patriarch is perfectly inscribed in the overall architectural ensemble of the Moscow area. Photo posted by our official website, provide a real opportunity to ensure that the potential buyers of elite housing capital.

The design of the project is monolithic, reinforced concrete. The facade is finished with brick and plaster. The house is rich entrance group. It is actively used and stucco reliefs. In front of the ZHK Quarter at Patriarch's architects used elements such as French balconies, bay windows, reliefs.

The official website for ZHK Quarter at the Patriarch and his price

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Experienced managers will help the agency not only with a selection of apartments in the residential quarter at the Patriarch, but also offer other options, equivalent to it complexes. This will not end their assistance. If desired, the customer, they will provide full legal support to the process of buying an apartment, saving it from the mass of difficulties.

ZHK Quarter at the Ponds - district infrastructure and technical data at home

Development, environmental infrastructure solves a lot of general needs tenants. Education, health care, entertainment facilities, shops, theaters, banks and boutiques allow you to forget about what unsettled leisure, health problems or education.

Modern building support systems help to create comfort in its apartments. There are successfully functioning air cleaning system and air conditioning, fire extinguishing and smoke removal system, satellite TV, modern elevators, the city telephone line.

ZHK Quarter at Patriarch , as befits the status of the complex is securely protected. The problem of safety of occupants of motor vehicles is solved by means of underground parking. Their personal safety and the safety of the apartment guarantees the authoritative Moscow security agency, the leading on-site round the clock surveillance.

The proximity to the ZHK Quarter at Patriarch's main traffic arteries of the city and the metro station provides good transport accessibility of the complex.

Buying an apartment in this house, you will not only guarantee yourself a high social status, but also the full insurance amount from the major financial impact of economic shocks. Properties in this quarter are not getting cheaper, and it is threatened.


  • ID: 246
  • Subdistrict: Patriarshy Ponds area / m. Pushkinskaya
  • Building type:
  • Floors: 5
  • Quantity flats: 16
  • Areas of apartments: from 86 to 204
  • Quantity of places for cars: 0
  • Protection: 24 hour
  • Parking: Underground
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