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ZHK Copernicus - Str. B.Yakimanka, d. 22

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Apartment sale in this house:

ID Area Rooms Floor Price
6386 478 m2 6 10 878 101 700 R.

Apartment rent in this house:

ID Area Rooms Floor Price
22445 150 m2 4 4 600 000 R. more
This luxury residential complex variable number of storeys up on Big Yakimanka and offers for sale a variety of apartments for metrazhnosti. Having a free plan, they provide an opportunity to implement the most interesting design solutions. Combining several apartments in one apartment, a supplement in the form of terraces and exploited roofs, quiet neighborhood and a special position on the map do ZHK Copernicus enviable acquisition. Our official website published a scheme-map showing the mansion, located in the vicinity of Yakimanskaya waterfront.

Monolithic concrete ensemble with external walls of brick is rich entrance group, which applied mosaics, columns and grand staircase. ZHK Copernicus different multi-level storey, French balconies on the facade. The building is decorated with brick, natural stone finishing. Interior public areas of the complex used expensive materials.

All apartments have specific characteristics. From their windows offer views of the President Hotel, the Kremlin ensemble and monument to Peter the Great in the Moscow River. A landmark position on the map draws attention to this property wishing to rent a house in it.

The official website for ZHK Copernicus and prices

We offer a full realtors and legal assistance for the acquisition of apartments in ZHK Copernicus , and equivalent to it apartment house in the center of the city. We help not only to purchase such housing, but also successful, profitable sell it. Rich base of real option allows you to choose such apartments, which will most closely match the capabilities, needs and even whims of wealthy clients.

Official Website will be your good helper in the selection status of the Moscow real estate. Due to the published information on it, you will only operate on verified data, accurate performance and best price offers.

ZHK Copernicus - district infrastructure and technical data at home

Infrastructural fullness of the area and the complex itself could be the envy of any of these projects. Tenants in the apartment ZHK Copernicus have the opportunity to visit beauty salons and shops, hairdressers and banks, sports complexes and dry cleaners located in the very structure of the house, and within walking distance of it. The creators of this apartment house took care of the billiard room and children's room, storage room fur of service delivery and cleaning. Parking problem is not felt by tenants of the house. He has an extensive underground parking.

Equipment ZHK Copernicus modern engineering and communication systems gives its residents a comfortable and cozy living conditions. There are successfully operating copper water pipes and wiring, water filters, centralized air-conditioning, uninterrupted power supply elements, Dedicated Internet branch, ITP, fiber optic communications, fire fighting system, a heated roof. During the operation of life support systems, data monitors its own operational service. Surrounding area landscaped and is a place of rest for the young residents of the complex. Our official website has published its colorful pictures and images of the building facade, decision in six sections.

Acquisition of apartments in ZHK Copernicus is profitable investments, and also allows a qualitative change in the conditions of his stay in the capital, to raise the social status and gain a special position in society.


  • ID: 3673
  • Subdistrict: Yakimanka / m. Polyanka
  • Building type: VIP
  • Floors: 16
  • Quantity flats: 146
  • Areas of apartments: from 90 to 600
  • Quantity of places for cars: 0
  • Protection: 24 hour
  • Parking: Underground
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