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ZHK Camelot - Komsomol prospect, 32 block 2.

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Apartment rent in this house:

ID Area Rooms Floor Price
23880 220 m2 5 10 450 000 R. more
This new Moscow monolithic brick castle rushed into the sky Komsomolsk prospectus nearby such iconic objects on the map of the capital, as the Manor Trubetskoys, Youth Palace, Moscow river embankment, "Frunzenskaya" metro station, the Pushkin Museum, the majestic Temple of Christ the Savior. Side by side with them, ZHK Camelot added him unique Khamovniki District of Moscow, becoming its modern decoration.

Apartments here tend to buy the successful representatives of the society. Such a purchase is prestigious and allows the economic situation to secure a large financial sum. The ability to deliver a lease to purchase ZHK Camelot will allow to receive a regular income. Attention to such tenants Moscow real estate is not abating. Our official website is specially published a map of the complex diagram of the location to potential buyers had the opportunity to witness and appreciate the proximity to him a particularly valuable historical and architectural sites in Moscow. Today's Khamovniki became the center of elite building. With such qualities as favorable ecological conditions, proximity to the iconic objects of the capital, the prestige, good transport accessibility, they make the apartments, built in the area is constantly increasing in price.

The official website for ZHK Camelot and prices

Our resource greatly simplifies the procedure of purchase apartments in ZHK Camelot . We also help and sell it, saving the owner from the time and cost, legally formalizing the deal and maintaining the necessary documents. The official website was created specifically to provide potential buyers of elite housing in Moscow with the current situation on the market. Large database of the agency will make a good selection of apartments in the same or equivalent complexes. Professionalism management agency will make the buying process hassle-free and to improve on the quality of life of the capital of the buyer.

ZHK Camelot - district infrastructure and technical data at home

Komsomol prospectus has long been characterized by the development of its infrastructure. Buy apartment here sought to successful members of Soviet society. Over time, it is the desire of members of the Russian beau monde has not changed. The proximity of various infrastructure projects allows you to enable tenants ZHK Camelot lot of pressing issues. In addition, the complex and has its own infrastructure. It includes the clinic of laser medicine, beauty and wellness center, whose work will be appreciated by the adherents of a healthy lifestyle. Brighten leisure help a cafe and bar, functioning in the structure of the complex.

The territory is fenced and guarded constantly. Multilevel security preclude pokusitelstva to personal and property safety of occupants. In the photo, which published our official website can be estimated and the quality of the surrounding area.

Modern complex life support systems presented a new apartment owners coziness and comfort. Their work continuously monitors its own operational service, excluding the development of damage and force majeure. It introduces the concept of "Yard without cars" in the ZHK Camelot. Duplex modern parking lot, complete with its own car wash, allows you to place cars tenants, further protecting them from vandals and thieves.

Wanting to buy or rent an apartment in the residential Camelot, you are guaranteed to increase their own social status. To live in this house at the Komsomolsk prestigious, fashionable and comfortable. According to the authoritative magazine, this complex splits the palm with such successful projects of the Moscow elite building as "La Défense", "Manor Trubetskoy", "Garden Quarters" and surely one of the hundred best metropolitan multifamily residences.


  • ID: 293
  • Subdistrict: Frunzenskaya area / m. Frunzenskaya
  • Building type: VIP
  • Floors: 18
  • Quantity flats: 170
  • Areas of apartments: from 118 to 400
  • Quantity of places for cars: 0
  • Protection: 24 hour
  • Parking: Underground
ZHK "Dom na Pokrovskom bulvare"

area: 106 m2 - 170 m2

from $9 400 / m2
ZHK "Chetyre Vetra"

area: 112 m2 - 465 m2

from $8 000 / m2
ZHK"Venskiy Dom"

area: 94 m2 - 260 m2

from $10 400 / m2

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