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ZHK Italian Quarter - Str. Fadeeva, 4

ZHK Italyanskij kvartal фото 2 ZHK Italyanskij kvartal фото 3 ZHK Italyanskij kvartal фото 4 ZHK Italyanskij kvartal фото 5 ZHK Italyanskij kvartal фото 6 ZHK Italyanskij kvartal фото 7 ZHK Italyanskij kvartal фото 8 ZHK Italyanskij kvartal фото 9 ZHK Italyanskij kvartal фото 10
ZHK Italyanskij kvartal фото 11 ZHK Italyanskij kvartal фото 12 ZHK Italyanskij kvartal фото 13 ZHK Italyanskij kvartal фото 14 ZHK Italyanskij kvartal фото 15 ZHK Italyanskij kvartal фото 16 ZHK Italyanskij kvartal фото 17 ZHK Italyanskij kvartal фото 18 ZHK Italyanskij kvartal фото 19

Apartment sale in this house:

ID Area Rooms Floor Price
6721 146 m2 4 2 68 500 000 R.
6773 123 m2 3 2 64 800 000 R.
6774 107 m2 3 4 85 309 510 R.

Apartment rent in this house:

ID Area Rooms Floor Price
24251 104 m2 2 2 270 000 R. more
ZHK Italian Quarter is a special system of buildings that received its name in honor of the seven largest cities in Italy. It features its special chamber, private atmosphere, defined a clear isolation of each of the entrances and furnished palazzo large courtyards.

Proposed apartment in the houses of the quarter has a different area. Their metric areas vary from 47 to 300 square meters, and the number in each of the different houses of 12 to 35. In addition to the standard two-bedroom, four-project, where you can buy or rent apartments in the form of studios, an impressive luxury penthouses in whose interior there and fireplaces or romantic, full comfort of the attic.

Characterized by the use of modern engineering systems, club service, a comfortable atmosphere, a special position on the map and transport accessibility, this complex becomes a status, a landmark housing, to buy an apartment in which prestigious.

The official website for ZHK Italian Quarter and prices

The interest of tenants to the property of this class is not quenched. It is the cause of status such popularity among those who want to live in these homes, but can not afford to issue them to the property. With our help, we can be profitable to lease it to extract a steady income.

We are ready to accompany and bargain shopping apartments in ZHK Italian Quarter , giving it a competent legal advice and design the necessary package of documents. Qualifications and experience, as well as the opportunity to use the latest information, which publishes the official website of our freely available, allow to pick the optimal for the needs and capabilities of the buyer's options. In addition to the proposals in the mansion apartment, we are ready to provide information on equivalent him Moscow complexes.

ZHK Italian Quarter - district infrastructure and technical data at home

The infrastructure development is different. It provides for an underground parking lot with its own car wash. Residents of any apartment in the residential quarter of Italian can use the services round the clock functioning grocery store, beauty salon, kindergarten, sports club, interior design shops, many cafes and restaurants, offices, banking institutions and insurance companies.

Not less developed infrastructure and different area, which was built in ZHK Italian Quarter. Established for decades in the central part of the city, it is different abundance of a variety of objects. Among them, shops and cafes, educational, medical, consumer services.

Not less attention should be paid and the technical features of the apartment house, which is so often tend to stay in the apartment. There used individual air-conditioning and ventilation. The air from kitchens, bathrooms and toilets removed exhaust ventilation. Residents enjoy the telephone, leased line Internet and safe from electrical surges by a work of uninterrupted power supply elements.

The security system has several complex levels and prevents attacks risk to personal safety and property owners. The surrounding area of ​​the complex equipped and turned into a comfortable zone of rest of its occupants. Official site ZHK published its many colorful photos. It is full of harmony and comfort, and a full-fledged part of the whole concept of the architectural ensemble of the quarter.

The sum of the advantages of this house and its acquisition of status makes him an apartment in a worthwhile investment and a means to improve the quality of life in the capital.


  • ID: 3713
  • Subdistrict: Tverskaya - Kremlin area / m. Mayakovskaya
  • Building type: VIP
  • Floors: 10
  • Quantity flats: 240
  • Areas of apartments: from 47 to 300
  • Quantity of places for cars: 0
  • Protection: 24 hour
  • Parking: Underground
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