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ZHK Noble Nest - Big Lёvshinsky Pereulok 11.

ZHK Dvoryanskoe gnezdo фото 2 ZHK Dvoryanskoe gnezdo фото 3 ZHK Dvoryanskoe gnezdo фото 4 ZHK Dvoryanskoe gnezdo фото 5 ZHK Dvoryanskoe gnezdo фото 6 ZHK Dvoryanskoe gnezdo фото 7 ZHK Dvoryanskoe gnezdo фото 8 ZHK Dvoryanskoe gnezdo фото 9
ZHK Dvoryanskoe gnezdo фото 10 ZHK Dvoryanskoe gnezdo фото 11 ZHK Dvoryanskoe gnezdo фото 12 ZHK Dvoryanskoe gnezdo фото 13 ZHK Dvoryanskoe gnezdo фото 14 ZHK Dvoryanskoe gnezdo фото 15 ZHK Dvoryanskoe gnezdo фото 16 ZHK Dvoryanskoe gnezdo фото 17

Apartment sale in this house:

ID Area Rooms Floor Price
5208 252,1 m2 3 3 494 257 500 R.
5209 252,3 m2 4 4 494 257 500 R.
6898 303 m2 5 6 539 190 000 R.
In the vicinity of Prechistenka, on the corner of the Greater and Lesser Levshinsky alleys in 2004 was commissioned a luxury residential facility, beautify their splendid view of the historical part of the capital - it ZHK Noble Nest . Designed in classic style, the mansion perfectly fit into the overall architectural ensemble of this part of old Moscow. Colorful photos posted our official website will help to verify this.

A distinctive feature of the building became a good illumination of spaces of each apartment. It was achieved by low-cost house position in relation to neighboring buildings. Low-rise buildings has determined its distance from the high-rises and a sufficient amount of sunlight in the alley.

ZHK Noble Nest has landscaped adjoining part. Courtyard settled in the Italian style. In its territory the abundance of small sculptural forms, flowerbeds, elements of landscape design. Original jewelry steel pergola and a fountain.

On the sixth floor of the complex is located just 25 apartments. Combining some of them led to the fact that it is home to just 21 families. The high status of homebuyers in the ZHK Noble Nest , as well as small kvartirografiya define adequate social neighborhood. Combined with the peaceful atmosphere of the old alleys of the center of Moscow, it makes life in the Greater Levshinskiy complete peace of mind, along with the status and prestige.

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Due to the success of our resource potential buyers of elite real estate in Moscow it is possible to operate an actual full information. Offering apartment in this project, and equivalent to it, we will not only pick up housing option is entirely consistent with individual needs and possibilities of the customer, but also competently accompany the transaction from its beginning to the end.

Experience and qualification of Realtors agency will help you select a successful investment. Real Estate in ZHK Noble Nest continues to rise in price and is unlikely to become cheaper in the foreseeable future. If desired, it can help to have a stable income, renting a.

Official Website of the architectural design offers constant current, fresh data on the sale of property in it.

ZHK Noble Nest - district infrastructure and technical data house

The proximity to the ZHK Nest of Gentry such iconic streets of Moscow, Smolensk and how Zubovsky Boulevard, Ostozhenka and Prechistenka have identified an abundance of infrastructure. The owners of apartments in this complex can enjoy the many shops and cafes, restaurants and banks, educational and medical institutions, to visit theaters, museums and art galleries.

In its own infrastructure ZHK Noble Nest entered a luxurious swimming pool. The right to use its tracks have only the owners of apartments in the complex. Pool is decorated with mosaics and presentable has become a real gem of the house. As befits such a level housing, apartments in the residential Noble Nest equipped using premium building materials and advanced life support systems. Centralised ventilation and air conditioning, telemonitoring, unlimited number of telephone lines in each apartment, a water filtration system supplemented by a multi-level security system. Private security service complex controls adjacent territory, the apartment complex itself round the clock, using the bandwidth system and video surveillance.

During the operation of engineering systems at the facility monitors its own operational service. Her work eliminates risks of force majeure in the sphere of housing and communal complex system. Our official site offers a qualitative change in their living conditions, or choose the option apartments in Moscow for profitable investment.


  • ID: 139
  • Subdistrict: Ostozhenka - Prechistenka / m. Smolenskaya
  • Building type: VIP
  • Floors: 6
  • Quantity flats: 25
  • Areas of apartments: from 150 to 500
  • Quantity of places for cars: 3
  • Protection: 24 hour
  • Parking: Underground
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