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ZHK Home Troubetzkoy - Trubetskaya, d 10.

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ZHK Home Troubetzkoy built in the prestigious and historical district of Moscow Khamovniki. Simple townsfolk and construction market experts are unanimous in their opinion that it is a real decoration of the architectural ensemble of the capital. Not far away are such iconic places as the Novodevichy Convent, Novodevichy field Square Park and Mandelstam. Since the house was built in the center of the capital, in close proximity to the main arteries of the city and its transport accessibility - it is one more unquestionable advantage. Convenient access to the Garden Ring and the proximity of the "Frunzenskaya" Moscow metro station allows you to quickly and be in the right place without any problems.

ZHK Home Troubetzkoy built on individually developed project and has a variable number of storeys from 10 to 12 levels. There is equipped a wonderful two-level courtyard, which is intended solely for residents of the complex and their guests. The inner area has a coziness and intimacy.

A special focus should be placed on the external appearance of the building, especially the front part. It is made from natural stone, GRC panels and brick, according to the original architectural design. Thanks to the beautiful facade with ventilation, a complex harmoniously blended into the historical ensemble of the area. Luxury entrance supplemented with comfortable seating areas. Our official website published a photo of the facade and public areas of the complex. Now potential buyers of apartments will be able to appreciate all the splendor of its decoration.

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ZHK Home Troubetzkoy - district infrastructure and technical data at home

ZHK Home Troubetzkoy resolved in 12 floors of 90 apartments located. It is a small number of units and the high prestige of the complex social define safe neighborhood. developed internal infrastructure for a comfortable stay in this house, to a solution of domestic problems was not burdensome. It offers tenants underground parking for 288 cars, which not only solves the problem of the safety car, but also allows you to fully release the inner area of ​​the complex of transport. The ZHK Home Troubetzkoy broken wonderful winter garden, equipped with new billiard room. there is room for cigar lovers to communicate in private. The sports complex operates a large swimming pool, sauna, Russian bath and spa and massage facilities. And for the children's entertainment provided gaming, specially equipped rooms and a children's cinema.

Offers of real estate in the primary market in this complex there because the apartments were completely sold out almost immediately after commissioning. All apartments are offered for sale to carry out repair work, which significantly saves time on finishing new apartments.

Acquisition of real estate in the residential house on Troubetzkoy, it's a great opportunity to improve living conditions in the metropolitan area or to invest finances to obtain a stable, regular income.


  • ID: 6350
  • Subdistrict: Frunzenskaya area / m. Frunzenskaya
  • Building type: VIP
  • Floors: 12
  • Quantity flats: 90
  • Areas of apartments: from 100 to 250
  • Quantity of places for cars: 0
  • Protection: 24 hour
  • Parking: Underground
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