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ZHK White Swan - Michurinsky prospect, 6, Bldg.. 3

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Apartment sale in this house:

ID Area Rooms Floor Price
7205 235 m2 4 8 89 000 000 R.
6200 160 m2 3 7 85 000 000 R.
Appearing at the intersection of University Avenue and Michurinsky, this modern apartment house was directly related to the category of capital real estate "premium" class. Buy an apartment in White Swan ZHK are seeking out the unique situation of the complex in the capital of the map. The house is located in ecologically friendly area with a good map of the winds and surrounded by forest parks. The windows open ZHK White Swan luxurious views of the Victory Park, forest park zone of Moscow State University, the University of the housing, at the sports complex "Luzhniki".

Performed by monolitobetonnoy technology, building primarily characterized by extravagance front of the execution. As it used brick, stained glass, natural stone cladding, moldings. Apartments here you can buy in the sections with different heights from the 14th to the 16th level. The complex has 144 projects, the largest of which resolved in 4 rooms. All of them are made on the principle of the free functional layout that makes it possible to implement the boldest design ideas and make the most beneficial use of the internal space of the apartment.

Large ceilings and good glazing makes the rooms light and makes them even more spacious. Apartment area vary from 100 to 400 square meters, making the apartments a democratic selection procedure based on the buyer's financial capabilities.

The official website for ZHK White swan and its price

Proper tracking of transactions with real estate offers our official site ZHK White Swan . Extensive experience of Realtors, their personal achievements and skills to avoid problems of Sales apartments and the equivalent to him in Moscow complexes. With an extensive database of property data in this house, we will find such an option, which is the most accurate approach to the buyer upon request.

We also help and rent an apartment in the residential White Swan. This operation will allow the owner of this property over the long term to have a stable income. Any action with an elite class housing, made with the help of our agency realtors, will be supported by competent legal registration of all necessary documents.

ZHK White Swan - district infrastructure and technical data at home

Residents ZHK swan enjoying variety of infrastructural facilities in walking in it, and the surrounding complex. Among them, a private school and a children's recreation center, shops, beauty salons, banks, a variety of platforms for promenades, restaurants and cafes. Fans of a healthy lifestyle will appreciate the work in the system of the building's own gym and pool. The presence in the infrastructure of the complex dental surgeries, shops, services, public services, pharmacies and beauty helps the residents to solve the pressing problems of everyday life.

The ZHK swan applied advanced life-support systems. Among these functional smoke and fire suppression systems, a dedicated Internet line and the system ventilation. Apartments differ applied in their windows with wooden windows. For the safety of occupants of the complex meets the centralized multi-level security management control system. Car Safety provided two-level underground parking. Onsite you will not find parked cars tenants. urban concept "Yard without a car" are implemented. Constantly protected area complex has with the best principles of landscape design. Her photo is specially published our official website.

Different building and transport accessibility. It has already been appreciated by residents, motorists. On their own transport with easy access to the TTC. Popular among the Muscovites Metro "University" station is just a five minute walk from the three sections of the residential building with variable number of storeys.

The sum of the advantages of the complex attracts the attention of tenants. Rent an apartment is fashionable and prestigious, and at the same time, profitable and convenient. Among those wishing to carry out such an operation a lot of entrepreneurs and managers, who by force of circumstances to work in Moscow, and the purchase of housing in it they are not able to afford. Acquisition of apartments in ZHK White Swan will not only be a chance to improve the quality of life in the capital, but also to protect against the negative impact of the economic crisis, a substantial financial amount.


  • ID: 5361
  • Subdistrict: Ramenki / m. Vorobevy-gory
  • Building type: VIP
  • Floors: 16
  • Quantity flats: 135
  • Areas of apartments: from 106 to 440
  • Quantity of places for cars: 0
  • Protection: 24 hour
  • Parking: Underground
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