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/ 6254

ZHK Andrew's - 2nd Frunzenskaya street, 8.

ZHK  Andreevskij фото 2 ZHK  Andreevskij фото 3 ZHK  Andreevskij фото 4 ZHK  Andreevskij фото 5 ZHK  Andreevskij фото 6 ZHK  Andreevskij фото 7 ZHK  Andreevskij фото 8 ZHK  Andreevskij фото 9 ZHK  Andreevskij фото 10 ZHK  Andreevskij фото 11 ZHK  Andreevskij фото 12 ZHK  Andreevskij фото 13 ZHK  Andreevskij фото 14 ZHK  Andreevskij фото 15 ZHK  Andreevskij фото 16 ZHK  Andreevskij фото 17
ZHK  Andreevskij фото 18 ZHK  Andreevskij фото 19 ZHK  Andreevskij фото 20 ZHK  Andreevskij фото 21 ZHK  Andreevskij фото 22 ZHK  Andreevskij фото 23 ZHK  Andreevskij фото 24 ZHK  Andreevskij фото 25 ZHK  Andreevskij фото 26 ZHK  Andreevskij фото 27 ZHK  Andreevskij фото 28 ZHK  Andreevskij фото 29 ZHK  Andreevskij фото 30 ZHK  Andreevskij фото 31 ZHK  Andreevskij фото 32 ZHK  Andreevskij фото 33

Apartment sale in this house:

ID Area Rooms Floor Price
6088 171,6 m2 4 7 182 692 300 R.
6089 170 m2 4 6 180 000 000 R.
6857 425 m2 5 11 707 196 000 R.
7052 170 m2 4 9 182 692 300 R.
6449 70 m2 2 9 61 879 650 R.
6437 240 m2 6 9 244 571 950 R.
ZHK St. Andrew grew up in the central area of ​​the city. This area differs prestige, environmental well-being and calm surroundings. At the mansion is a good transport accessibility, provided the proximity of the main motorways of the city. The residents of the complex have a great opportunity to use the infrastructure of the central region, where he blended harmoniously. Suffice it to list several sites in Moscow that it became clear how much a particular location Andrew's ZHK takes on the city map. It's Christ the Savior Cathedral, Komsomol prospect, Frunzenskaya embankment, Boring garden CHA.

Among the proposals for the acquisition of real estate in the new building official found variants of apartments with functional layout, an unusual decision of the walls, bay windows and panoramic windows. Feature mansion - is a luxury entrances, which used expensive finishing materials.

For residents of the building is equipped with underground parking. The work of engineering systems is carried out in automatic mode, and control over them leads its own operational service. Comfortable accommodation is provided by the work of their own central heat substations and backup hot water system. For electrical equipment used system known European manufacturer.

The official website for ZHK St. Andrew in Moscow and its price

In the official website of the complex, given the current information on the proposals of the purchase and sale of apartments in the ZHK St. Andrew with detailed specifications and the price component. Our specialists have a large database of elite Moscow housing, and quickly pick up the option that the interests of clients. If the apartment is completely satisfied with the customer, our staff will collect the necessary documents that will secure a deal with the legal side and guarantees its purity. If you are not satisfied with the offers available in the complex of St. Andrew, it is possible to consider options for the acquisition of real estate in the capital equivalent complexes.

With our help, easy to pick up items for a successful long-term investment in real estate ZHK St. Andrew. It is constantly growing and its price will not be cheaper, at least for the foreseeable future. If desired, you can rent it for rent to extract long-term and stable income. Our rich database allows you to publish on the official website of the complex always current, fresh data on the sale of property in it, and equal to him in Moscow objects.

ZHK Andrew's -infrastruktura district and specifications at home

The ZHK Andrew's an essential part of the area reserved for the infrastructure facilities. The largest of them - this is a business center, equipped with a conference room and rooms for business meetings. Work Laundry and housekeeping services are significantly save time residents of the building to solve everyday utilitarian matters. It is also the wellness center. The house used modern engineering systems, such as a filter item for water supply and exhaust ventilation, central air-conditioning and automatic fire extinguishing system. It offers residents a lobby bar as well as a functioning round the clock concierge service.

For children's leisure playgrounds. Internal area ZHK Andrevsky fully landscaped, landscape designers the most of the excellent location of the complex, to create favorable for rest and walking conditions. The photo, posted by our official website, it is presented in the best ways. Protected inland using PPC system and its own security forces.

The complex is popular among residents of the capital region, so you can buy apartments only in the secondary market, with already carried out repairs. This original draft decision of internal space apartment, made with the use of expensive finishing materials.


  • ID: 6254
  • Subdistrict: Frunzenskaya area / m. Frunzenskaya
  • Building type: VIP
  • Floors: 12
  • Quantity flats: 80
  • Areas of apartments: from 72 to 472
  • Quantity of places for cars: 0
  • Protection: 24 hour
  • Parking: Underground
ZHK"Fusion Park"

area: 100 m2 - 215 m2

from $13 000 / m2
ZHK "Italianskiy Kvartal"

area: 47 m2 - 300 m2

from $8 600 / m2
ZHK "Andreevskiy"

area: 70 m2 - 425 m2

from $15 000 / m2

Delight Group