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Cottage Village Rosinka - on Pyatnitskaya highway

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Apartment sale in this house:

ID Area Rooms Floor Price
6740 133,1 m2 4 3 35 297 920 R.

Apartment rent in this house:

ID Area Rooms Floor Price
22184 274 m2 7 290 000 R. more
Cottage Village Rosinka was the result of the activities of a reputable developer, pay attention to the unique position near Moscow Angelovo village. Wilderness and the uniqueness of the terrain have helped to create a complex, which has become popular among the high society of the capital representatives and diplomats, businessmen and titled sportsmen from other countries.

Now, they can all live in the city but close to nature, enjoy all the benefits and features of the high-quality service around the clock. One call to the service allows you to resolve any pressing issue for the residents of houses and townhouses.

Living here is prestigious due to the implementation of the concept of open space for a full existence in harmony with nature. Cottage Village Dewdrop has four hundred houses with a total area of ​​90 thousand square meters. Each of these dwellings created by a reputable architectural office projects from the United States. Cottage or townhouse then has several bedrooms and bathrooms, complemented by a summer terrace in the backyard. It can become a territory for gatherings with barbecues or be given to the power of children. The project includes a sauna, built of natural wood and a garage for a couple of cars. The buildings provide centralized air-conditioning and individual heating control in each room.

The official website for the cottage settlement Rosinka and prices

The resource was created in order to buy a house in such objects as a gated development Dewdrop for our agency clients was not associated with difficulties and anxieties. Experience and qualifications, as well as the availability of the most current offers in this settlement will help you choose this option elite Moscow housing database that fully answer the demands and needs of the buyer. We also support and deliver the house in the village, accompanying the operation of competent legal support.

The professionalism of the agency managers will help you choose options for houses and townhouses in this site as gated development Dewdrop and equivalent to it settlements. We not only improve living conditions but also help to protect from the effects of the economic crisis, a substantial amount of money.

Dewdrop Cottage village - the infrastructure and technical data

Rosinka Cottage Village is known for its social and sports center. He is a very popular destination among the inhabitants of the village. Combining sports, cultural and social functions, it allows neighbors to communicate on an equal footing, to celebrate the holidays here, to meet, to engage in sports such as tennis, swimming, squash, fitness, take spa treatments and a beauty salon. Cottage Village Dewdrop has its own medical service facilities. On the territory of the European Medical Center doctors are working.

Much has been done here for the children's entertainment. Kids and teenagers are available play areas and machines, special children's room and Attractions, rollers and rollerdromes. Villagers enjoy the private beach on the lake with an area of ​​10 hectares. In the structure of the sandy beach, boat station and a bar. And the evening, accompanied by gastronomic delights here will help three restaurants of national cuisines.

Augmentation of infrastructure of the village was the service hours service, resolving issues with the operation of the equipment houses. With it are the services of specialists repairers, carried out cleaning of the territory, and home repair interior, garbage collection and snow, carried out mowing the lawn. The service is specifically designed for life in the village was truly happy and free from troubles and worries.

The sum of the many advantages of the complex attracts the attention of not only customers, but also to tenants wishing to rent a house here and for some reason, do not allow themselves to buy it. Our official site will help them in the realization of this desire.


  • ID: 6410
  • Subdistrict: Rosinka
  • Building type:
  • Floors: 2
  • Quantity flats: 400
  • Areas of apartments: from 0 to 0
  • Quantity of places for cars: 0
  • Protection: 24 hour
  • Parking: Protected yard
ZHK"Fusion Park"

area: 100 m2 - 215 m2

from $13 000 / m2
ZHK "Chetyre Vetra"

area: 112 m2 - 465 m2

from $8 000 / m2
ZHK "Dom na Pokrovskom bulvare"

area: 106 m2 - 170 m2

from $9 400 / m2

Delight Group