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ZHK House on Pokrovsky Boulevard - barracks Pereulok 3.

Dom na Pokrovskom bulvare фото 2 Dom na Pokrovskom bulvare фото 3 Dom na Pokrovskom bulvare фото 4
Dom na Pokrovskom bulvare фото 5 Dom na Pokrovskom bulvare фото 6 Dom na Pokrovskom bulvare фото 7

Apartment sale in this house:

ID Area Rooms Floor Price
6831 168 m2 4 8 156 172 450 R.
5720 155,6 m2 3 3 101 000 000 R.
5718 162,7 m2 3 3 105 000 000 R.
6830 143 m2 4 8 117 866 000 R.
5286 106,4 m2 3 2 58 933 000 R.
5719 159,2 m2 3 3 101 000 000 R.

Apartment rent in this house:

ID Area Rooms Floor Price
23248 170 m2 4 5 365 000 R. more
24276 210 m2 5 4 883 995 R. more
This ZHK elite level rose in quiet lanes of the Moscow center, near the Pokrovsky Boulevard. Its architectural design perfectly fit into the atmosphere of old Moscow estates and historic mansions. Apartments here are trying to get out of a desire to live in the city center, in a unique, full of calm atmosphere staromoskovskogo lanes.

ZHK House on Pokrovsky Boulevard solved in 12 sections with intermittent storeys. They formed three cozy courtyards and on a plan of the architect combined total glazed gallery. Courtyards included in the local area of ​​an apartment house are made using the best solutions of landscape design. They divided children's camps and planted rare trees.

Upper floors of the building brought to the apartment-pentauhsy characterized by luxury, free layout, excellent specific characteristics and great footage. The decision of the upper floors in buildings of this complex is distinguished by its use of fragments of the original besperepletnogo glazing.

External finish of the building facade is different presentable and perfectly consistent with the overall architectural component area. Our official website of this complex species specially issued photo front of the house. Admiring them easy to recognize in the granite finishing materials, stained glass, high-quality plaster, various architectural elements.

No fewer luxuries in the residential house on Pokrovsky Boulevard differ and public areas. Their finishing is made with the use of glass and metal, natural facing stones and precious wood. Differ presentable and apartment of the complex, in the vast majority of which is made design repair.

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Our resource specially created for maximum simplification of procedures for the selection of decent housing for the affluent members of Russian society. Using the official site, you operate only relevant, reliable information and has the best offers exclusive accommodation, which offers ZHK House on Pokrovsky Boulevard .

It is specially collected and structured information about the sale and lease of real estate in this complex and capital facilities equivalent to it. A variety of proposed apartments are distinguished by their footage, number of rooms and the value that makes the choice of the buyer simple and democratic. If you have difficulty in it, please contact the experienced managers of our agency. Their achievements and experience will help to quickly find an apartment in this complex and in others equal to him houses in the city center.

ZHK House on Pokrovsky Boulevard - district infrastructure and technical data ZHK

Great location on the map of the city distinguishes ZHK House on Pokrovsky Boulevard. It has allowed its residents fully harness the power of various infrastructure facilities district Pokrovsky Boulevard. Among them, Morozov and Milutinsky gardens, churches and cultural institutions, educational institutions and medical clinics, shops and boutiques, sports clubs, subway stations, as well as convenient access to the city's main thoroughfare. All of them are easily recognizable on the map-scheme area, which published our official website.

Constructional House on Pokrovsky Boulevard is designed as a monolithic concrete frame. With this apartment there are different functional, free layout. Internal brick walls make it possible to realize the dream of repair without the use of "zashtampovannoe" design decisions. Engineering support systems are of high quality in this complex. Finnish elevators with individual finishing cabins, complemented by modern fire protection systems, well-functioning ventilation system. In a complex system operates fiber-optic connection and cable TV. During the operation of all systems, which are connected to the apartment, watching a single dispatching service. property security problem is solved by the residents around the clock video surveillance and two-level parking.

ZHK House on Pokrovsky Boulevard continues to be a prominent representative of the Moscow elite housing in the central part of the capital. Apartments in it for decades to come will continue to be an excellent solution quality problems of urban life and the object for profitable investment in the future.


  • ID: 3738
  • Subdistrict: Basmannyi / m. Kurskaya
  • Building type: VIP
  • Floors: 8
  • Quantity flats: 209
  • Areas of apartments: from 108 to 620
  • Quantity of places for cars: 350
  • Protection: 24 hour
  • Parking: Underground
ZHK "Dom na Pokrovskom bulvare"

area: 106 m2 - 170 m2

from $9 400 / m2
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area: 112 m2 - 465 m2

from $8 000 / m2
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$14 000 / m2

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