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Luxury apartments for sale at metro Sretensky Bulvar

  • ID: 6125
  • Subdistrict: Krasnoselskiy
  • Floor: 5
  • Total area: 95 m2
56 930 650 R.

  • ID: 6469
  • Subdistrict: Krasnoselskiy
  • Floor: 2
  • Total area: 101,1 m2
58 728 460 R.

  • ID: 5919
  • Subdistrict: Lubyanka, Kitay - Gorod, Chistye Ponds area
  • Floor: 3
  • Total area: 98 m2
59 927 000 R.

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In this section you will find ads for the sale of apartments near the metro station Sretensky Boulevard. The range of submitted offers is distinguished by a large selection of different types of apartments, ranging from economy-class housing to elite facilities that have all the necessary conditions for comfortable living. Below are the proposals for the sale of apartments on the territory of the municipal district "Krasnoselsky" of the Central Administrative District: apartments on Myasnitskaya Street, apartments on Chistoprudniy Boulevard. All the characteristics of the apartments for sale near the metro station Sretensky boulevard, including the location of the apartment, its type, cost and other parameters, are mandatory indicated in the ad text so that those who wish to purchase an apartment can easily navigate. The database for the sale of apartments near the metro station Sretensky Boulevard is constantly updated. Sretensky Boulevard - the station of the Lublin line of the Moscow Metro, located in the Basmanny district of the Central Administrative District. From the metro station follows land transport: trams - A, 3, 39. In the region there are industrial enterprises, residential buildings have long been established, and the new one is only "point-like". A large number of buildings require reconstruction and restoration. Sightseeing places: Ioanno-Predtechensky Monastery, Sovremennik Theater and Gogol Theater, Mayakovsky Museum, Church of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Barashi. In the district there are many parks and parks.
ZHK Fusion Park

138 м2     Rooms: 3

107 868 600 R.

191 м2     Rooms: 4

389 525 500 R.
ZHK "Andreevskiy"

171 м2     Rooms: 4

185 773 700 R.

94 м2     Rooms: 2

35 000 000 R.

161 м2     Rooms: 4

197 759 100 R.

189 м2     Rooms: 5

115 000 000 R.

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