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Luxury apartments for sale at metro Komsomolskaya

Below is a proposal for the sale of apartments near the metro station Komsomolskaya. Detailed information about the characteristics of the facilities, prices and how to buy an apartment near the metro station Komsomolskaya you can learn by phone +7(495) 626-4222.

Krasnoprudnaya 1

  • ID: 6258
  • Subdistrict: Krasnoselskiy
  • Floor: 5
  • Total area: 55 m2
22 990 400 R.

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This section presents the announcement of the sale of apartments in the area of ​​the metro station "Komsomolskaya". All the advantages of buying an apartment in this part of Moscow will appreciate the business people walking in step with the times and do not want to keep up with the rhythm of city life. The central location in the city and close to the main Moscow sites provide owners represented by the sale of apartments in the area access to all features of life in Moscow, and the comfort and improvement of houses in the area, make life more convenient, it usually has a positive effect on choice of wanting to buy an apartment in Moscow in favor of the metro area "Komsomolskaya».


M.Kozihinskiy per.3

161 м2     Rooms: 4

189 670 800 R.

Romanov per. 3 str.1

189 м2     Rooms: 5

115 000 000 R.
Clerkenwell House

Komsomolskiy prosp. 42 str.2

95 м2     Rooms: 3

66 097 400 R.

1 Neopalimovskiy per, 15/7

185 м2     Rooms: 4

74 431 420 R.

Viktorenko 4

94 м2     Rooms: 2

35 000 000 R.
Volotskie Doma

Трехпрудный пер. 11/13

96 м2     Rooms: 3

63 223 600 R.

Delight Group