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Elite apartment rental in Moscow

Elite real estate market which took its shape in the end of 1990s – beginning 2000s nowadays demonstrates enviable stability. Many find that it is remarkably easy to rent an apartment today. Rental price for the most part of properties ranges from two thousand dollars to twelve thousand dollars a month. Moreover there are some outstanding offers for twenty thousand dollars. For people with a more moderate taste the market is always ready to offer a nice place to live in only for four thousand dollars a month.

Plotnikov per. 21 bld.1

  • ID: 20167
  • Subdistrict: Arbat - Kropotkinskaya area
  • Number of rooms: 4
  • Total area: 215 m2
700 000 R. / month

Bolshoy Kozikhinsky per. 14 bld.2
ZHK Sad Labirint

  • ID: 22825
  • Subdistrict: Patriarshy Ponds area
  • Number of rooms: 2
  • Total area: 120 m2
344 856 R. / month

Bolshaya Pirogovskaya 8
ZHK Dom na Devichem Pole

  • ID: 24190
  • Subdistrict: Hamovniki
  • Number of rooms: 4
  • Total area: 170 m2
550 000 R. / month

Valovaya 20

  • ID: 17439
  • Subdistrict: Zamoskvorechie area
  • Number of rooms: 5
  • Total area: 180 m2
160 000 R. / month

Chapaevsky per. 3
Triumph Palace

  • ID: 24222
  • Subdistrict: Horoshevskiy
  • Number of rooms: 3
  • Total area: 108 m2
195 000 R. / month

Solyanka 1/2 bld.1

  • ID: 24218
  • Subdistrict: Lubyanka, Kitay - Gorod, Chistye Ponds area
  • Number of rooms: 2
  • Total area: 70 m2
170 000 R. / month

В. Patriarshy Lane 8/1

  • ID: 23210
  • Subdistrict: Patriarshy Ponds area
  • Number of rooms: 4
  • Total area: 190 m2
689 712 R. / month

Marshala Zhukova prospect 78

  • ID: 23996
  • Subdistrict: Horoshovo-Mnevniki
  • Number of rooms: 5
  • Total area: 230 m2
250 000 R. / month

Tikhaya 1 bl.3
ZHK Tihomirovo

  • ID: 24248
  • Subdistrict: Odincovskiy
  • Number of rooms: 4
  • Total area: 173 m2
190 000 R. / month

Udaltsova 26 k.1

  • ID: 24072
  • Subdistrict: Prospekt Vernadskogo
  • Number of rooms: 5
  • Total area: 300 m2
400 000 R. / month

Вolshaya Gruzinskaya 69
Four Winds

  • ID: 23179
  • Subdistrict: Tverskaya - Kremlin area
  • Number of rooms: 3
  • Total area: 128 m2
574 760 R. / month

Fotievoy 6
ZHK Premer

  • ID: 21693
  • Subdistrict: Gagarinskiy
  • Number of rooms: 3
  • Total area: 115 m2
280 000 R. / month

M. Kakovinskiy 8

  • ID: 24232
  • Subdistrict: Arbat - Kropotkinskaya area
  • Number of rooms: 3
  • Total area: 115 m2
350 000 R. / month

4-th Tverskaya-Yamskaya 22 bl.2

  • ID: 21288
  • Subdistrict: Tverskaya - Kremlin area
  • Number of rooms: 3
  • Total area: 90 m2
170 000 R. / month

Presnenskaya nab. 8 bld.1
Gorod stolic

  • ID: 24114
  • Subdistrict: Presnenskiy
  • Number of rooms: 2
  • Total area: 74 m2
245 000 R. / month

Skanertny Lane 18
Dom u Nikitskih vorot

  • ID: 24282
  • Subdistrict: Patriarshy Ponds area
  • Number of rooms: 4
  • Total area: 140 m2
450 000 R. / month

Kazarmenniy lane 3
Dom na Pokrovskom bulvare

  • ID: 24276
  • Subdistrict: Basmannyi
  • Number of rooms: 5
  • Total area: 210 m2
1 149 520 R. / month

4-th Tverskaya-Yamskaya 22 bl.2

  • ID: 17721
  • Subdistrict: Tverskaya - Kremlin area
  • Number of rooms: 4
  • Total area: 170 m2
300 000 R. / month

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Elite apartment rent. Peculiarities

  • One of the most distinctive features of elite real estate offered for rent in Moscow consists in splendid quality of renovation and interior design. Many owners do a renovation in their apartments for their own comfort, so there is no place for thrift when it comes to choosing materials, furniture and equipment. Therefore, design and interior works are trusted only to highly qualified professionals and home decoration materials are ordered from Europe
  • Elite apartment rental is an excellent source of income not only for the lessors, but for city budget as well. As a rule, properties in the city center are available no longer than for four months. Notably there are a number of luxurious flats which are in great demand. For instance, three or four bedroom apartments are rented in two months or even less. Consequently, elite apartment rental proves to be extremely lucrative and pays off within ten or fifteen years. On top of that, elite real estate in the capital is a perfect investment as prices are constantly spiraling up. For these reasons, elite real estate attracts a great variety of private investors.
  • Popularity of premium real estate in Moscow goes hand in hand with economic stability, world industry need in energy supply and extreme customer demand. Large Russian and international companies dealing with oil, finance, pharmaceuticals, retail and food industry employ a lot of highly-paid specialists who need comfortable and safe accommodation. Since usually such employers come to Russia for a limited period of time, it is considered more reasonable to rent an apartment rather than buy it. A certain part of expatriates prefers to live in the very city center; others choose to live close to their work place or school their child attends. Investment interest and high profile of elite real estate purchase definitely play their part. Many owners decide to rent an apartment while they are doing a renovation in their own, which usually lasts from six month to a year. Others find it useful to rent an apartment to define their favorite district. Such choice is often connected with schooling arrangements for their children. Despite an endless number of prestigious schooling options, many parents have to change schools to find an ideal one. Thanks to stable availability of options it is very easy to rent an apartment in Moscow and these kinds of changes will surely be only for the better. Moscow displays plenty of quality apartments which meet the highest and most sophisticated tastes. It is possible to rent an apartment in a townhouse with spacious rooms and high ceilings or in a building of the last century with exquisite architecture and façade, good location and amazing view over a park, embankment, square or other city sights. Stunning properties can be situated in buildings of the last decades with top-of-the-line engineering and safety levels or in modern residential complexes with well-developed infrastructure and gated secure territory in ecological districts of the city.
  • Delight Realty. Your qualified guide on Moscow real estate market

    Delight Realty offers a great range of rental and sale options in elite real estate in Moscow. On the website search is made not only in accordance with universally acknowledged requirements as price, type of building, presence or absence of furniture, location, proximity to metro stations, but also with local features: distance to school or business center, security deposit, type of payment, etc.

    Our database allows choosing a certain Moscow district and marking an area you are interested in on the map. The results are sorted due to available properties in chosen part of the city. If you have specific requirements, questions about advantages and disadvantages of any given district or show interest in renting an apartment of a definite category, you can give us a call and within 10-15 minutes you will get the list of possible options! A highly competent manager will answer you at any time: on workdays, on weekends, and on holidays as well!

    Elite apartment rental in Moscow, like in any other city in the world, has never been an easy task. Many believe that it is rather hard to find the way around such abundance of options. How to choose what exactly you had in mind, not to lose in price and size, quality of renovation, location, and prestige of the building – are the goals of any person who would like to rent an apartment. Contacting Delight Realty personally, over the phone or our website you can be sure of availability of information!

    Our agency devotes a remarkable attention to quality of the elite apartment rental database :

  • our specialists delete all unavailable offers in time;
  • add new real estate objects;
  • add properties which will be available soon.
  • Owing to such strict policy, our clients are kept updated about the newest offers on the market and can easily rent any type of property without any effort!


    Bolshoy Kozikhinsky per.14 bld.2

    120 м2     Rooms: 2

    344 856 R. / month

    Marshala Zhukova prospect bld.78

    230 м2     Rooms: 5

    300 000 R. / month

    Sechenovsky Lane 2

    156 м2     Rooms: 3

    250 000 R. / month

    Delight Group